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Just Like Sister Ray Said

As news of Lou Reed’s death made the rounds today, I saw countless appreciations of Reed’s work, of the impact his music had had on people’s lives, on his regal position as an artist and innovator. It’s difficult to summarize … Continue reading

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Actually, Arcade Fire Could’ve Saved CMJ This Year

So last weekend, during the CMJ Music Marathon, Arcade Fire played a couple of “secret” shows down the street from my house. I wasn’t there, because I didn’t have a ticket, it wasn’t a show I could get into with … Continue reading

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Economic Indicators on the L

There’s this one guy who panhandles on the L train (and sometimes the 6), and if you ride the L at all, there’s a pretty good chance you’d recognize him and his pitch. He’s a younger guy, usually with shaggy … Continue reading

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