Who Is Brian LaRue?

Hey, it’s Brian LaRue. Have we met? I have a hard time explaining who I am, exactly. It’s easier to explain what I do. I’ll break that down below in the following categories (click to jump): Journalism, PR, Music, Fiction, DJing and Event Planning.

If you’re interested in working together, then there’s a very good chance I am too. Email BrianGLaRue@gmail.com, and let’s try to make something happen. Or if you just want updates, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@LaRuminator).

Services Rendered:

Journalism. I’ve been reporting for half of my life at this point. I earned my first newspaper paycheck before I earned my driver’s license and won my first SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) award before graduating from high school. I’ve operated as a reporter, editor, columnist, critic, proofreader, photographer, live-blogger and commentator. My beats have included arts and culture, small business, community activism, digital advertising and marketing, and social media. I started out in dailies (my earliest work, as part of the organization now called Youth Journalism International, operated out of the Bristol (CT) Press newsroom), but came of age in alt-weeklies. Starting in 2004, I worked a series of gigs for the New Haven Advocate, Hartford Advocate and Fairfield County Weekly that mostly boiled down to basically “20-something indie rock guy in residence” — I covered the local music scenes around the state of Connecticut, penned countless album reviews, and interviewed any touring musicians I had time to talk with. I also wrote the music blogs LaRuminator and More Drive.

Since July of 2015, I’ve been a staff writer at AdMonsters. AdMonsters reports on digital media and the business of digital media, and hosts informative events geared toward digital publishers of most sizes. At AdMonsters, the big question I’m asking is: How do publishers make revenues in an environment of ostensibly free digital content?

PR. Because I’d become fluent in the language of the tech industry and, of course, I understand first-hand what a good story looks like to an editor or reporter, I decided in 2012 to put those skills to good use assisting in start-ups’ PR pushes. I spent about three years working with businesses and the PR agencies that represent them to develop releases, contributed bylines, messaging, blog posts, seasonal/industry reports, case studies and other written projects. Written content I’ve created has been published in Ad Age, Digiday, Wired, Forbes, VentureBeat, MediaPost, AdExchanger, Target Marketer and elsewhere. I’ve worked as a freelance contributor/consultant with the agencies HORN Group, SparkPR and BOCA Communications, and with several individual companies, mostly in the digital advertising/marketing, social media and data management spaces (both B2C and B2B).

Music. Classically trained trumpet player turned teenaged punk rocker — you know the story. I get by, to varying degrees, on vocals, guitar, bass, trumpet and keyboards. Bands I’ve gigged and/or recorded with include, but are not limited to, The Planes, Libel, Dialogue from a Silent Film, Shelter Dogs, Women’s Basketball, The Cavemen Go, Food Will Win the War, The Eskalators, Marra Barr, FayRey, The Blowout! and Dr. Device.

Fiction. A lifelong scribbler, I self-published a lit ‘zine called The Terrible Rash that Won’t Go Away in my late teens and early 20s and have continued to quietly write fiction and poetry since then. I’m currently working on a novel about indie rockers living in North Brooklyn, go figure.

DJing. As DJ Vince Lombardi Rest Area, I spin a combination of jamz you know and jamz you maybe don’t. I specialize in punk, post-punk, garage rock, indie rock, powerpop and ’60s pop, but I have thousands and thousands of tunes at my disposal in vinyl and digital formats. Of course I have a turntable and mixer of my own, because I am not a philistine.

Event Planning. I manage Pet Rescue Studio, a DIY multimedia performance/exhibition/work space in the world-famous industrial park in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Pet Rescue is a converted loft in a former warehouse, equipped with a PA, a partial backline, a green screen and a lot of personality. We present live music performances about twice per month, and the rest of the time the space is available for co-produced events, photo and video shoots, and co-working.


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