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2013: The Year in Epigrams

If you’re a Facebook user at all, you’ve probably noticed the recent appearance in your news feed of a whole bunch of “2013 Year in Review” posts from your friends and acquaintances. This is a feature where, if you choose, … Continue reading

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This Summer’s Contest of Hipness: The 2013 Bushwick Games

Who says Brooklyn hipsters are lazy? Why, they engage in feats of strength and endurance as a matter of course. Finally the hardiest, quickest and most adroit among them will be recognized for their years of training this summer, competing … Continue reading

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A Little About Why I Never Made Eagle Scout

Today, following a nationwide vote of 1,400 Scout leaders, the Boy Scouts of America decided to open up Scouting to boys who happened to be gay. In a way, this is a bit of news I’d been waiting to hear … Continue reading

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Jason Molina and Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Envy Artists’ Lives

When a painter or sculptor or writer or musician or dancer or actor or whatever decides their life is going to be about their art, they often face this pervasive attitude in our society that suggests full-time artists have some … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a Mope-Rock Maxi Single!

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! When I was in my early 20s, I preferred to observe Valentine’s Day by listening to all of my Black Flag records in chronological order. Nowadays, I feel much more comfortable with my circumstances, and I’d … Continue reading

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